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by Dr Claire Winstanley

Copyright (c) 2012 Claire Winstanley

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5 Stars on

“A wonderful guide for new and experienced parents. Well written and concise from an experienced mum and an excellent GP. ”

– Dr S. Granier

“This is a really good book full of tips I’ve not seen in other baby books. Dr Winstanley talks about the reasons these tips work; not just offering advice but giving both a GP’s and a mum’s insight into the intricacies of new parenthood. I love the fact that mum,baby and dad are all included for pieces of advice and there are anecdotes to make it both informative and funny. Brilliant price for such an informative book. I bought the book for my best friend and she swears by it now. Her baby girl was born 2 weeks ago.”

– Celestine Hart

Great review at

“….So if you or someone you care about is expecting, we suggest you do them a favour and get them this book, it will save them hours of research and many sleepless nights worrying if they are caring for the baby properly….”